Sunday, May 25, 2014

Entry #31


I call this outfit "The Dyl." 
This is the cool weather version of an outfit my 11 year old son, Dylan, loves to wear.

We are from Georgia and are big UGA fans. The hat is a little bit big since it's his dad's old hat. The gator tooth necklace is from a beach trip with his grandparents. The sunglasses are because his dad always wears sunglasses. A pure example of like father, like son.

Any other time of year this is the outfit. No matter the weather, this is his "go to" outfit.

And of course, being the outdoorsy boy that he is, he has to top it off with some boots.

He loves this outfit so much that it was easy to find pictures of him wearing it. Spring 2014 school picture...

Helping dad at the office.

On the way home from school.

The base tee is an upcycled polo work shirt from my mom's days as a massage therapist.

Tee done and the hat in process. 
A little big, but since his hat is too big for him I thought it was fine.

The hat is done and the button up shirt is almost there. We had some creative differences and while it won the battle of the buttonholes, I won the war.

The button up shirt is upcycled from a pair of pajama shorts.

This is Jack, from Our Generation (Battat). I purchased him in 2002 the day I had my sonogram with Dylan and we found out we were having a boy. We went to Target to look at baby stuff and as soon as I saw Jack I knew that I had to have him. Low and behold, a few months later I had my own little blonde and blue eyed little boy.

Since my fabric (with interfacing) proved to be too think for my machine to make proper buttonholes, I opted to do buttons on top of snaps. They are fully functioning, but since Dylan never buttons his shirt anyway they are really only for show,

The jeans have functioning front pockets and a snap fly.

Another view of the oversized hat. :)


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  1. Jeni this awesome, looks just like Dylan! Love your work! Peggy

  2. I vote for entry # 31

  3. I vote for entry #31. I think it's awesome that the outfit has a story behind it and also that the shirt was made from upcycling another one. The little jeans are adorable. This looks like a real little boy could wear it. Great job!!

    1. Thanks Shelley! The button up shirt is also upcycled from a pair of boxer shorts.

  4. Great Job. Looks just like my son's at that age. Love the entire outfit.