Monday, May 26, 2014

Entry #35


For my meet outfit I wanted to remake a classic character that everybody knows...
Little Red riding hood!
I wanted to make it more modern and more directed to the older fairy tale enthusiast.
I include elements of the wolf into my design as well, such as fur gloves and a fang necklace.

This is the basic idea for my design, it is made from various images I found on the internet.
Here is all of the pieces waiting to be sewn.

The lace and the sweet heart top.

The Skirt and the INSIDE of the hood,
I had already started sewing the hood when I remembered to take the picture:}

Here is the pieces for the Boots, Gloves, and the purse,
Sewing the strips of felt to paper helped keep everything in place as I wove them together .

Here are the Progress shots

Checking the fit of the lace top.

The bias on the sweetheart top is waiting to be sewn.

A better view of the top stitching on the sweetheart top.

Sewing the tulle on the under side of the skirt.

Sewing the the trim on to the edge of the hood.

Sewing the zipper on the inside of the purse.

Hand stitching the buttons onto the boot.

The unfinished glove, you can see the finished thumb hole.

The Necklace
I completely forget to take any pictures of the necklace,
so my words will have to be enough,
I couldn’t find a charm anywhere, so I decided to sculpt it,
I couldn't find any tooth colored clay, except for....glow in the dark.
It has a wire though it, than wrapped with thread, and lastly the thread is cover with ribbon, there is also ribbon in place of a chain, but it has a clip, up-cycled from another piece of jewelry to secure it.

Finished Product
Close ups

Here is a close up of the boots.

A better look at all of the accessories,
The gloves, purse and necklace.

Here is a pic with everything in view.

Here is without the hood on, see the layered tops?
I love how they turned out.

A little bit of posing-ness

This is not your typical Red riding hood,
she has a black lace long sleeve top, with a slightly scooped neckline, it has a partial Velcro closer in the back, and is worn under a strapless sweet heart top, with top stitching on the bodice it has Velcro the entire length.

The gingham skirt has just the perfect ruffle and give the outfit a pop of bright color.

The hood is a darker shade than what is common, but I think complements the outfit perfectly, it had black trim along the front and on the hood, it closes in front with a hook and eye.

The purse is meant to represent Red's basket, and is made from woven strips of felt,
has a twisted cording for a strap and has a working zipper, it is also lined with a bright red cotton fabric.

I've finished the edges of the faux fur on the fingerless gloves with fray check, the gloves are hand stitched, and the edges have been finished with tiny blanket stitches, allowing the fleece to have a slight stretch.

The boots have buttons up the outer edge of the shoe, each strap is ¼ inch elastic hand sewn into place,
both ends are finished with fray check and there is a decorative button at the end of each strap, sewn over a snap, these boots, because of the elastic straps can be worn with or without socks.

This is my third year of the FDC!
And I'm loving every minute of it!


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