Sunday, May 25, 2014

Entry #9


Outfit Design & Creation: 

Spring is the time for dresses, so I decided to make a casual dress with a spring feel to it. I wanted to make a sundress perfect for hikes through the prairie or country picnics, tailor-made for the "southern gal."

I made the dress out of white and patterned fabric, which I pleated together. The patterned strips of fabric are sewed only at the top, so they flutter and twirl in the wind. The spaghetti straps are criss crossed, and I added a little ruffle to the front of the dress. The patterns and design are my own. 

Final Outfit: 

Every country gal needs a good pair of boots, so I paired this dress with some brown cowboy boots and a straw hat. And of course, a puppy is the cutest accessory :) 


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  7. I vote for entry #9! The puppy is so cute!

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  10. I vote for entry #9.
    The challenge is design and you were thinking outside the box.